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Meeting with Commissioner Potocnik

A Fertilizers Europe delegation were delighted to meet with Commissioner Potocnik and his staff today to formally launch our DAN campaign. The Commissioner welcomed our initiative and our wish to collaborate on joint efforts towards feeding a growing population in a sustainable manner.


Fertilizers Europe Director General, Jacob Hansen had the opportunity to illustrate the benefits both in terms of yield and the environment of the DAN awareness campaign which has been launched this week across Europe.


European farmers have a strong tradition of preferring DAN fertilizers and, as the champions of the soil, we believe they should be encouraged to continue to produce more food whilst protecting our quality of air and water.


Fertilizers Europe are very happy to be full partners in the Commissioners efforts in regards of "Air Quality" which is the central theme of Green Week 2013 and too play a central part in providing solutions for the future.


It is important though that the quality and integrity of our products must be upheld if our joint aim of "Meeting Europe's food needs" and "Fertilizers - Sustaining our land" is to be envisaged.