Mineral fertilizers have an essential role to play in meeting the twin challenges of feeding an increasing world population and limiting climate change. At the vanguard of agriculture?s green revolution, they are estimated to contribute today to more than half of the world?s food production and protein supply.

Fertilizers Europe believes that the focus of European agricultural policy should be on improving the performance of the agricultural sector in terms of its productivity and efficiency. This will enable European farmers to increase Europe?s self-sufficiency and its contribution to global food needs, as well as lead to more sustainable agricultural production. The sustainable intensification of European agriculture through the efficient use of mineral fertilizers can help the sector respond to the main EU policy goals.

Directly Available Nitrogen (DAN) fertilizers offer farmers and agronomists a precise and reliable means of increasing food and energy production in an environmentally acceptable way. DAN fertilizers, based on nitrate and ammonium, combine the benefits of the two simplest forms of reactive nitrogen that are directly available to plants. 

The brochure 'Towards Smart Agriculture' sets out the main aspects of the agronomic and environmental impact of different types of nitrogen fertilizer currently in use in Europe and the benefits of DAN fertilizers such as Ammonium Nitrate (AN), Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) and Ammonium Nitrosulphate.

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